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Cor Financial provides software and advice to the financial services sector around the world. For nearly two decades our clients rely on our expertise, advisory and products to run key parts of their operations and solve the critical business problems they contend with each and every day.

We are headquartered in London and from our offices in Boston and New York we serve over 100 client banking and financial services organisations. From the United States to South America, the UK and Europe, to the Middle East and the Pacific Rim, our software products and advice are at work making a key difference to client front, back and middle offices.

Investment risk management +

BITA Risk provides an unrivalled platform for client profiling and portfolio construction for the private client/wealth management sector. Our “quant workbench” allows institutional portfolio managers to conduct advanced portfolio construction, optimisation, back-testing and research capabilities.

Post-trade management +

Bank and treasury management +

Retail investment administration +

Asset liability management +

Sanctions compliance +

Data Monetisation +


Doing things differently, doing things better

Not all software products are built the same. Neither are all software or advisory companies. We have not tried to emulate the herd. We have thought long and hard about who we are, what we do and how we get things done.
We have built our company on people who have the deepest expertise and industry experience. We do not aim to build products that solve general problems. Rather, we have chosen specific problems that require specialist thinking or whose resolution needs a new approach taken. These are the sorts of qualities that shine through in our products, our insights and our advice. That is why we think Cor Financial is different and why we think you would want that difference on your side of the table – irrespective of your size or focus.

You have many objectives that you have to achieve: operational execution, cost cutting, service improvement, revenue generation and compliance. Sometimes these might appear at odds. We are mindful of these in the products we build and the advice we give. Yet, we suspect you need more. There are many complexities, subtleties and nuances in what you are required to navigate your business through. We seek to meet these objectives in our products and advice but we strive to innovate and simplify. We strive to amplify what delivers the greatest value to you and your customers and embed those in our products.

Our approach is different to the end-to-end software suites that most vendors have to sell and what they offer. We do not look to spread the proverbial jam too thin across your business landscape and straight-jacket your outcomes.

If our clients are asked why they work with us, and why they continue to work with us, they are typically heard to say “because they know what you are talking about”, “they listen to what we need”, “they get things done”, “they get it”, and “they are honest and straight forward in their approach”.

We would be pleased to tell you more and find out how we might help you.

Cor Financial is a trading name of Cor Financial Solutions Limited. Tower 42, 6th Floor, 25 Old Broad Street, City of London, Greater London EC2N 1HQ. Company No. 03251713

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