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Salerio links your Order Management Systems (OMS) to Portfolio Accounting Systems (PAS), taking away a multitude of potential middle office post trade processing problems. Electronic Trade Confirmation (ETC), Electronic Trade Delivery (ETD) and Electronic Settlement Tracking (EST) automate trade matching and affirmation of equities and fixed income instruments with your brokers, then issue settlement instructions that can be subsequently monitored to minimise risk of failed trades or settlement delays. Our advanced exception management (Straight-To-Processing™) enables control of key trade data to reduce operational and financial risk throughout your post trade processing cycle.

Regarded as a business critical system by leading asset manager, hedge fund and 3rd Party Administrator businesses, Salerio is used across global markets to better manage both SWIFT and Omgeo messaging in the same workflows, enabling you to minimise matching and confirmation cost per trade, as well as improve risk mitigation.

Thanks to Salerio’s standardisation, all modules can be used as standalone applications, all are speedily implemented (ensuring rapid Return on Investment), and they are far more easily and cost-effectively upgraded, which to all intents and purposes means they have an inbuilt continuous improvement programme.

With increasing focus on middle and back office risk, yet decreasing investment budgets, compelling commercial justification is essential for any expenditure on post trade processing. Our response to this situation is to break the mould – decrease both operational risk and financial risk by using Salerio Post Trade Applications to either enhance your existing STP systems or, for those taking their first steps towards automation, as a new standalone application.

We’ve minimised initial outlay and developed trade volume linked fee options to deliver financial benefits, and our Straight To Processing™ (S2P™) functionality ensures maximum focus on operational management of the trades most at risk.

We think all that makes Salerio not just the best at what it does, but the best value too. Our clients agree.

Post Trade just got a shake up!

For Asset Managers, Hedge Funds and Outsource Administration providers

what our clients think

Head of Operations, Sovereign Wealth Fund

Salerio is the best application in our environment.

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